How does Damibu Feeds work?

Damibu Feeds is a completely new approach to a common problem, and this can make it difficult to describe. It helps you either distribute and control content that you produce, or to source content to display on your own site (or both!)

You don’t need any programming expertise to completely transform the way that you use data online, it’s really easy.

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Who might this be?

Public Sector. Control and share information at scale to 100s of websites at a push of a button.

Third Sector. Track the reach of your specialist knowledge within your target audience.

Enterprise. Manage consistent information across offices, branches or franchises.

What are the benefits?

Put your content in front of the people you need to reach.

Stop worrying about outdated information being online.

Know exactly who is sharing your information and how many people are seeing it.

Easy ways to control your content.

A million people reading your content, or a thousand people coming to your website. Which would you choose? For a lot of people, this question is easy – the more people who can access your information, the better…as long as they know that you are the author!

Damibu Feeds has been created to address huge issues that you might have in distributing, controlling and tracking your content.



Who might this be?

Public Sector. Drive public self-service across multiple providers.

Third Sector. Support the whole person by offering information in addition to your specialism.

Enterprise. Encourage clients to self-serve or support staff's mental health, the uses are many fold.

What are the benefits?

Easy access to a growing library of content or information.

Know that everything you distribute is attributed and verifiable.

Huge time savings compared to manually managing the process.

We connect organisations who have content to share with organisations who have people to read it.

Our platform provides a link between content creators and content distributors. Lots of organisations are both creators and distributors, which the Damibu Feeds platform can handle, but you’ll probably be more interested in one side or the other.

Better information, anywhere online

We often find that examples of Damibu Feeds in action helps people understand how it can transform information management and delivery.

Damibu Feeds
Core Principles


Accuracy is affirmed by extensive history and authorship.


Data is shared with all responsible for its delivery.

Ease of use

Easy to install, works with existing systems.


Accumulation of multiple sources & content is usually a good thing.


Creators control the content. Distributors control the delivery.

No Duplication

Content should be shared, not copied.


System supports minor edits to customise it for certain uses.

Reaching as many people as possible.

Companies, charities and the public sector invest huge amounts of time, effort and money into creating ‘content’ – by which we mean any information that you publish and want people to read or consume.

You will already publish it on your website, as well as sharing it on social media, other websites, through email and maybe even in hard copy, but often these are important messages that need to be communicated as widely as possible, and your ‘reach’ is always going to be limited – even the biggest organisations only have a finite number of visitors to their website or followers on their social channels.

Uploading your content to Damibu Feeds makes it available for any of our subscribers to add to their own site, which can drastically increase the ‘reach’ of your content. The platform makes sure you are always identified as the author, and provides a link back to the original, and you know that your information isn’t being stolen, altered or adulterated without your consent. We estimate that this approach, of encouraging lots of sites to ‘pull’ from trusted content sources rather than relying on you to ‘push’ your content, can increase the reach of your content by up to 300% (I made this figure up - PD)

Info on upload process here? Link to FAQ?

Tracking and keeping ‘control’ of information.

Whilst there is clearly merit in getting your content in front of more people quickly and easy, it is just as crucial that you have control over that content and that is where Damibu Feeds really stands apart.

The quality of online information at the moment is patchy at best, and it is extremely difficult for users to distinguish better quality or definitive information from that which is inaccurate, misleading or out-of-date. Sometimes this is only irritating, but in many cases the commercial or societal impact can be huge, and can have really severe impact for people. We think that potential harm from online misinformation, stolen copy and pasted content, and out-of-date content is so significant that something needs to be done – and that something is Damibu Feeds!

Each piece of content uploaded to the Damibu Feeds Platform always belongs to the content creator, no matter how many times it is published on other websites. This gives users the chance to verify content by tracking it back to the source, and it also gives you as the creator three critical advantages:

Quick, and easy to use

By signing up to Damibu Feeds, you can access trusted, verifiable content for your website or app.

Signing up only takes a couple of minutes, and you can either use our CMS plugins or a simple piece of code to start pulling content into your site.

Seamless aggregation

You only want to publish content that is right for your audience, and Damibu Feeds lets you curate that information from lots of places and combine it into a single Feed to display to your users.

More here

You control the style

Damibu Feeds is designed so that creators control the content, but you control the style.

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Trusted, relevant content instantly available for your website or app.

Damibu Feeds helps give your visitors high quality, trusted content, quickly and easily. You can automatically import content without losing control of your site - content matches its style, and gets automatically updated.

If you run one or more websites and want verifiable content from trusted sources to distribute to your users, take some time to explore Damibu Feeds. The platform has been designed to allow you to aggregate multiple content sources into a single Feed of information that is relevant to your audience.

Shake up the way you deliver content.